Opal, Venus Opal and Honeysuckle Opal.

When we were fortunate enough to aquire twenty cows from Balmyle just before they dispersed amongst them were four of the Balmyle Opal family. Opal 2nd, Opal 5th, Opal 12th and also Opal 6th. We therefore had the foundations for developing a strong legacy from this line. Opal 6th bred Loch Awe Honeysuckle by Balmyle Xpress in 1990 and all of our Honeysuckle Opals trace directly back to her. This family tends towards great stretch and scope and some of our most physically impressive cows have been from this family.
Loch Awe Venus born in 1993 and by Balmyle Universe is the foundation of the Dunsyre Opal and Dunsyre Venus Opal line. The Venus Opal family tend toward moderate size, and great muzzle width and head character. Dunsyre Venus Opal 2nd was one of our bst ever cows. A moderate sized white cow she bred our own stock bull Dreadnought as well as Goldfinger.
Opal 12th was also the dam of Loch Awe Lovat.